Photography: Capture The Moment


Emese Ori, Guest Contributor

Photography is all about capturing the little moments that can be cherished forever. Here at  Geneva High School, students can learn how to do so by taking a photography class.

Photography is everywhere, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. It is an important part of everyone’s lives.

Especially in high school where every moment counts, the yearbook is where all high school students can go back and look at all the events that happened during the year and cherish those moments forever.

This year Geneva has an elective that allows students to be part of the yearbook creation and to add their personal touch to it.

In this class students work together to design a theme for that year’s yearbook.

“We have to get pictures and information about our topic so we can put it all together for the students to look at for the end of the year or the next year” Allie Soeder, a member of the yearbook class said.

But for there to be a yearbook, we need photographers to take the pictures.

This year we have a photographer who goes out on field during football games and takes pictures for GTV and the yearbook.

“It’s a great idea because I think people really enjoy seeing those pictures, this way they could see photos of them playing and they really enjoy it,” Varsity football player Aidan Krahn said.

This year, the photographer, Emy Ori, is also taking pictures for other important events, not only football, she also takes pictures for other sports and theater.

Geneva High School also offer photography classes, including Digital Photography, Film Photography, and Advanced Concepts Photography I and II.

Ms. Danica Fahmy is the teacher who teaches all the photography classes here at Geneva. Her favorite part about teaching photography is that everyone can become a photographer with a little bit of practice.

“My favorite thing is that anyone can be a good photographer with a little practice and understanding of composition unlike with drawing where it takes a certain amount of born with it skill, “Ms. Fahmy said.

Geneva also offers a photo club for any person who wants to learn a bit more about photography. This club meets every Tuesday after school in D160. In photo club you get to do a lot of fun activities that are all photo related.

“We are currently making a 2021 tribute for the seniors who didn’t get a picture, and it will be hung up in the lunchroom,” Soeder said.

They also do other photo related projects.

“I really like the project we are working on now because it will be on the cafeteria for a long time,” she said.

Allie has been a part of the club for 3 years now.

Mrs. Fahmy has been the teacher hosting photo club and explains how they need more and more people to join.

“I must say it was more popular then, not sure why photography in general has been on the decline in recent years,” Mrs Fahmy said. “Anyone can be a good photographer with a little practice and understanding of composition.”