Girl’s Volleyball is Always in Season


Each coach and player in Girls’ Volleyball at GHS has a work ethic like no other. The girls’ volleyball season starts in August and ends in November. The offseason gives coaches and players 8 months away from school volleyball, a time that is intense and different for all these hard-working athletes.

“Most players play club volleyball,” Head Coach Lauren Kosecki said. “I know that several clubs now offer lifting/conditioning as well.”

Kosecki has been playing volleyball for 20 years and coaching for 12 years. She sees most of her players excelling in an intense club season in months January through June. Not only are players in club volleyball, but Kosecki has scheduled open gyms for players to get more playing time in the spring.

“The goal is to get/keep players in shape and ensure they get as many volleyball touches as possible,” Kosecki said.

Players are looking forward to the extra playing time in the spring that wasn’t an option for freshman last year.

“I believe this training will be beneficial,” freshman Julianna DeMaria said. “It will be beneficial to get the girls playing chemistry to come together, learn what the coaches are expecting and wanting out of a player, and practice the way we want to play for the actual season.”

DeMaria is in the middle of an intense club season but looks forward to the beneficial offseason training in both spring and summer.

“I am so excited to continue the training starting in April for high school, however I am also so excited to continue training and playing for my club team!” DeMaria said.

Although most players are in club volleyball, others are taking their offseason in a different direction. Freshman Ella Wilkinson plays 2 sports, basketball, and volleyball. Being a multisport athlete, the offseason looks different for Wilkinson.

“I am enjoying off season training because basketball just finished so now my focus is volleyball,” Wilkinson said. “I’ve been going to the gym and lifting so I can be stronger for next season. I also am planning on doing club in the spring before next high school season.”

Wilkinson is an extremely strong player and will be just as ready for her sophomore season as anyone else. She has the work ethic it takes to be a multisport athlete.

Both DeMaria and Wilkinson are determined to make next season their best season.

“I will prepare for next season’s tryouts by staying in shape and continuing to exercise and emphasize training for speed and explosiveness for volleyball, because it is a fast-paced game,” Wilkinson said.

With an active offseason, it can be easy to lose focus and determination to play volleyball. But these players have encouraging coaches, effective programs, and a strong work ethic. The girls’ volleyball program fuels a never-ending love for volleyball.

“The program that Geneva has is very strong and family-like, which I loved,” DeMaria said. “I was always pushed further than I thought I could go, made so many new and good relationships, and learned so much from the older girls and coaches.”