Furthering Female Influence

Furthering Female Influence

The Future of Female Club is a new formation at Geneva Community High School, created by student Christine Kelly at the end of her junior year. The club has the goal of bringing women together in order to work towards common goals and empower them to pursue leadership roles in their community.

“I was inspired to start FOFC because there were no current clubs at GHS for women to come together and work towards common goals,” Senior Kelly said. “There were groups in the past that had been tailored toward women, but never anything with the intent to bring together and empower women.”

The Future of Female works to not only increase female representation in leadership roles, but also to empower other women throughout the community. The club is a great environment for women with similar beliefs to come together and support each other while discussing their thoughts and feelings.

“The club is for ambitious young women to find like-minded people with an initiative toward building leadership skills.” GHS English teacher Corinne Laird said.

Laird believes that this is a valuable concept that should be present more in society today.

Laird decided to become a co-sponsor of the club along with Mary Mondul, a psychology teacher at GHS, in order to stay involved in the female community as well as the club’s involvement in the community as a whole. The club participates in varying activities to increase their involvement in the community.

“The itinerary changes per meeting depending on whatever current activities we are working on,” Kelly said. “As of now, we are going through the instructions to start our first Mutual Grounds meal trains where girls will make dinner and deliver it to the local domestic violence shelter.”

Whether the club is volunteering at Northern Illinois Food Bank or participating in other activities, Kelly ensures that the club stays involved and gives back to the community.

“Volunteering and getting involved shouldn’t be just a resume builder,” Laird said. “It’s important to do good and help and give back to others. It’s what being a good human being is all about, and I love that that’s what the heart of the Future of Female Club is.”

Laird’s passion for giving back to the community enhances the amazing nature of the Future of Female Club. Beyond working to bring together women of various ages and empower them, the group also works to empower others in the community and encourage women to develop the confidence to pursue leadership roles.

“I hope the future of FOFC is expansion,” Kelly said. “I envision us continuing to take part in lots of activities throughout the community and establish a name for ourselves. A goal of mine is to celebrate Women’s History Month by creating various in-school outreach opportunities like themed days, women leadership speakers, roundtable discussions, etc.”

The group has begun to promote themselves through events such as the Homecoming parade, paint the town, and door decorating. Women’s History Month would be a fantastic opportunity for the club to promote themselves and continue to become involved throughout the community.

If this club sounds like something that may be of interest, be sure to attend their meetings in room A103 at 2:50 every other Monday. The club offers the opportunity to speak with others who share beliefs and feelings and discuss these ideas openly.