DECA Is Strictly Business


The Distributive Education Clubs of America, also known as, DECA, is one of the most popular clubs at Geneva High School. These enriched students take business very seriously in the classroom and outside of it as well.

DECA has many roles that will help students with their future and career path. They go over a variety of categories of business and what it takes for them to be in that position.

“Career preparation for leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, and hospitality management, Develop Business Skills, Compete in Team Decision-Making and Written Events,” senior Julie Drew said.

These students have many events that they participate in based on their roles they have in the club. These roles include o

Officers take charge in running meetings, lead students, and prepare for events. The members attend the meetings that they have and participate in events. The Club teachers only collect membership forms and help guide officers.

To take leadership in DECA, you may only be one of those positions if you have experience. “Students who have been members for at least two years, and they interview for the role,” Drew said.

The members usually choose what they are interested in and what they think will benefit their future careers. “We go over the different events at the beginning of each year, and you can choose whatever event you want,” “There are over 50 different events to choose from, so you can pick whatever you’re interested in.”

These roles for the participants are extremely important in the events they travel for.

“I compete in DECA in marketing,” Welenc said.

Therefore, the events that the students travel for are based on what group they are in. The groups depend on what the participants are interested in learning about. For example, Nate Welenc is interested in marketing. It does not matter what group you choose to be in, it simply just depends on what you are looking at pursuing in the future.

Traveling is a very important aspect to this process, especially going against different schools. The club travels in different states every year.

“Nationals is in a different place every year,” Kobylecky said. “This year it is in Orlando, Florida. We also have a regional and state competition downtown Chicago yearly.”

“Members compete to move forward in the competition.” she said. “Written Events which are 20-page business plans go straight to State.”

The process is based on how “good” the students are at debating the topic that the officials give them to expand upon.

“If you rank at the top of those competing, you have a chance to advance from regionals, to state, to nationals, progressively getting significantly more difficult,” Kobylecky said.

This club is a very important way to get started in the world of business. The club starts in September through February, which it tends to slow down during that time. They have meetings every Tuesday and Wednesday after school or before.