Jordan Peele does it again with new horror film “Us”


When I saw a new movie coming out written and directed by Jordan Peele, I was immediately excited. Before seeing “Us,” I had extremely high expectations because of how much I liked Peele’s 2017 film, “Get Out.” These expectations were more than met by this masterpiece of a movie.

Released March 22, 2019, “Us” starts off picturing a young girl, Adelaide (Madison Curry), in 1986 with her mother and father playing carnival games on the Santa Cruz boardwalk in San Francisco, California.

As her mother walks away to use the rest room and her father is focused on winning the best prize in whack amole, Adelaide wanders off to go explore the beach.

On the beach, she sees a funhouse with the phrase “find yourself” on the front. She walks in and finds herself surrounded by mirrors. Clearly distressed and looking for a way out, she ends up running into herself, yet it isn’t a mirror. She finds a girl that looks exactly like her.

Years later, presumably present day, adult Adelaide (Lupita Nyong’o) goes back to Santa Cruz with her husband Gabe (Winston Duke), son Jason (Evan Alex), and daughter Zora (Shahadi Joseph).

Right when they get there, Adelaide starts noticing that things begin to align perfectly. For example, when she is tucking in Jason to go to bed, she notices the clock says 11:11.

Very bothered, she explains what happened back in 1986 to a very skeptical Gabe. In the middle of Adelaide’s plead to leave the place, they are interrupted by Jason who says, “There’s a family in our driveway.”

As they looked outside, there was in fact a family in their driveway who clearly was not too friendly. As the family started to invade the house it became obvious who the family was; it was them.

One thing I found particularly great in this movie was the acting of the main family, the Wilson’s. All these actors played two characters, the regular humans in the family and their doppelgangers.

For the regular humans, Lupita Nyong’o (Adelaide) did an amazing job at acting very uncomfortable about the situation due to her past. Also, Winston Duke (Gabe) did a great job portraying his confusion with the situation and was also the comedic relief at the perfect times. Lastly, the kids, Shahadi Joseph (Zora) and Evan Alex (Jason) both did outstanding jobs at acting like a kid would in this situation, scared and confused.

On the flip side, all of these characters had their doppelgangers who all had different names. Adelaide’s was Red, Gabe’s was Abraham, Zora’s was Umbrae, and Jason’s was Pluto.

These people were known in the movie as “The Tethered.” The acting along with the makeup on the tethered made them very creepy just as one might expect from the dark side of themselves.

Another thing that I really loved was the storyline. Throughout the movie, you start to learn more and more of why the tethered people exist and it is very interesting.

By the end of the movie, I was thinking “How could someone have possibly come up with that idea?” That’s just the genius mind of Jordan Peele for you.

Lastly, another thing that that stood out in this movie was the choice of music.

After the flashback scene from 1986, there is a scene of a bunny. As the scene progresses, the camera pans out to a room with hundreds of caged bunnies.

During this scene, the music is spin-chilling. With the music along with the bunnies, the scene made me feel confused and quite creeped out because I had no idea the significance of any of it yet.

The main song of the movie however is a slowed down creepy version of “I Got 5 on It” by Luniz. On their way to Santa Cruz Beach for the first time, the Wilson family turned on the radio and that song was playing. Throughout the rest of the movie, you could hear this music in the background getting slower and creepier every time it played.

This was a very creative song choice and it really fit the overall vibe of the movie with the song being high pitched and chaotic.

Overall, “Us” had no flaws at all and is definitely in my top 5 favorite movies of all time. This movie will make you feel every emotion you can think of. Scared, happy, confused, sad, surprised, you name it.

With “Get Out” and now “Us,” Jordan Peele really seems to be taking over the horror movie industry as I believe these two are the best it gets when it comes to horror/thriller. I give “Us” an A+ rating. Go set aside 2 hours of your weekend and watch it ASAP!