The Smooth Talk of Silk Sonic Wins Fans Hearts’

The Smooth Talk of Silk Sonic Wins Fans Hearts’

Bruno Mars marked his grand return to the music industry with the album “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” Mars collaborated with Anderson Paak to make smooth and sweet-sounding music featured on their recent album released November 12th of this year. The album is off to an amazing start taking the number 2 spot on the Billboard 200.

“An Evening with Silk Sonic” carries on the same high-quality music we have seen from Mars in the past with multiple notable songs. The album keeps listeners enthralled with its grand vocals and buttery rhythm.

The album starts off strong with the hit song “Leave the Door Open;” the success of this song cannot be underplayed with it hitting number 1 on the Billboard 100. Mars’s best moment on the song is when he sings the line “I ain’t playing no games every word that I say is coming straight from the heart.” Each time this part is sung leaves the listener stunned from the beauty and elegance of Mars’s voice.

“Leave the Door Open” serves as a message to each of the singers loves and how their door is always open for them to come in.

“Smoking out the Window” comes later in the album and is the song that stands above all the others with its amazing rhythm and beat. The song features both Mars and Paak taking turns singing about their past troubles with love.

The song peaks when Mars comes in and sings “This b***h got me paying her rent, paying for trips, diamonds on her, diamonds on her wrist and here I am all alone.” Mars brings an astounding performance with this line that requires the listener to sing along word for word.

The album continues with the upbeat and infectious lines of the song “Skate.” “Skate” switches up the pacing from the two previous songs that were slower and smoother. “Skate” plays its role in the album perfectly as it serves as a nice change to the more methodical rhythm of previous songs.

Although “Skate” has a different pacing, it still has a similar theme to the other songs. The song focuses on a love interest with Mars hoping that she will skate over to him. This focus is shown in the line “Oh skate to me baby, slide your way on over.”

The song “Blast Off” marks a low point for the album. The song presents less impressive and awe-inspiring vocals compared to other songs on the album such as “Smoking out the Window” and “Leave the Door Open.” The plain sounds and simple rhythms also leave the listener feeling little to no emotion.

However, “Blast Off” does offer a positive in the way it changes the focus of its content. This song focuses on illicit substances instead of the usual love interests. This change offers an interesting break from the usual content featured on the album.

In essence, “An Evening with Silk Sonic” is an excellent album that deserves 40 minutes to be set aside to truly enjoy its beautiful vocals and enchanting rhythms. Anyone who enjoys songs to sing along to in the shower would “An Evening with Silk Sonic.” The album deserves its rating of 4.5 stars.