Aurelio’s pizza challenge challenges GHS


The marketing class at GHS is currently preparing for their annual pizza challenge this week. The pizza challenge is a challenge to test the students’ skills in marketing and creative design. On Thursday, November 19, anyone may come into Aurelio’s Pizza and order one of the student groups pizzas.

“The Pizza Challenge is a challenge from the marketing class in GHS,” Marketing student Jackson Mocchi said. “It involves creating and marketing a new type of pizza for Aurelio’s.”

The goal of the challenge is to test the students’ skills and what they’ve learned this year

“The goal is to get an in depth look at marketing analysis while keeping it fun,” he said.

The pizzas are designed by groups of students in the marketing class who work together to create a pizza design that will win the challenge. With the promise of a reward, students are very motivated to create a pizza that will be a cut above the competition.

“We have a bbq pizza, a bacon pizza, a desert pizza, and much much more!” Mocchi said.

The pizzas themselves are prices according to Aurelio’s own prices, with variations depending on ingredients.

“The prices follow Aurelios menus, but average out to be roughly $23 for a small, and $36 for a large,” Marketing student Hunter Mackay said. “The challenge is taking place at Aurelio’s Pizza in Geneva.”

Anyone may come in and purchase a pizza, and the winners of the challenge earn a prize at the end.

“Any and all marketing students must make a pizza, but anyone can come down to Aurelio’s Pizza tomorrow, on Thursday, to have a taste!” he said. “The winners get extra credit!”

There is much speculation on who will win the pizza challenge, with different teams being confident their pizza will win the extra credit prize.

“I think BBQ will win because it’s my team and the flavor is clearly superior,” Mocchi said.

Other members of the team agree with Mocchi.

“Our pizza will win due to the effort we put into marketing and the popularity of our flavor,” he said.

The pizza challenge will test marketing students’ creativity and their ability to get knowledge of products out into the public by using various marketing strategies seen online and in the halls of Geneva High School like posters and social media posts. All groups involved are optimistic to win the challenge and create a better pizza then the rest, and to win extra credit for their project.