Musicians United


Lily Ryan and Taegan Braverman, Guest Contributors

Music students all over the country share one thing in common: their love for their instrument, and their appreciation for the art of music. Tri-M is the only music honor society for junior high and high school students in the nation. Tri-M chapters have been chartered in public, private and parochial schools in all 50 states and in countries around the world, including Canada, Chile, China, Egypt, the United Kingdom and many more.

Tri-M provides students with leadership opportunities to make a difference in their community through music-based service projects. Band director Neil Shipton is the head of Geneva’s Tri-M chapter #4037. He oversees the group during monthly meetings, as well as directing Geneva’s concert and marching bands.

“You get to meet people who are dedicated and committed to music and receive the best music experience” Liam Karth said.

There are around 40 current members of the Geneva chapter and there is a huge group of new pledges. When inducted into the honor society, students receive their official Tri-M membership card, along with a Tri-M pin, and for seniors, a cord at graduation.

In order to be inducted, students must complete service hours, concert attendance hours, and more.

“A new member of Tri-M, also known as a pledge, has to see 10 hours of professional performance at the high school level and up. 10 hours of music enrichment, 5 hours in one area and the remaining 5 in another area. 10 hours of music service, which require 5 hours to the Geneva Music Department, and 5 hours outside of Geneva” Liam Karth said.

This must be done to show their dedication to the department, and to show their care for others. Once inducted, students can participate in a plethora of activities, service projects, and performances.

“Music students can become more involved with Tri-M by taking the leap to perform in benefit events. Every student in the music program is so amazingly talented in their own individual way, and everyone has different strengths on different performance mediums. It would be really cool to see some new faces performing with us this year” Hannah Bernhard said.

In addition to being inducted and renewing membership in Tri-M, members are required to get involved.

“Music students can become more involved in Tri-M by attending meetings whenever possible, taking advantage of the opportunities to do music service hours, attending live performances” Liam Karth said.

The Tri-M coffee house is the popular and annual event thrown by the honor society. Members get the opportunity to perform in a coffee shop setting. They can perform a solo, duet, quartet and more. They can play with people who play other instruments, or even read poetry! By participating in this event, money is raised for the music department and students also get volunteer hours.

“The biggest event Tri-M puts on is the Tri-M Coffeehouse. This consists of student performances, snacks (usually from Graham’s 318, hence “Coffeehouse), and community. It’s a really fun way to bring people together in the name of music to see some really talented students, and all of the proceeds from the event go to a charity of the music department’s choice” Hannah Bernhard said.

Events like these are what make Tri-M unique and fun!

As said in its name, being in an honor society is an honor! Not many students can say that they participate in an instrument.

“I personally want Tri-M members to take away ways to incorporate music into communities and into everyday life” Liam Karth said.

Band, orchestra, and choir students are some of the most talented and creative students. Tri-M being composed of those students creates the best atmosphere and environment. Some of history’s brightest minds were a part of Tri-M. Honorary Tri-M members include Arthur Fiedler, Howard Hanson, Bobby McFerrin, Sir Georg Solti, Shinichi Suzuki, Fred Waring and Meredith Wilson.

Tri- M brings together musicians from band, choir, and orchestra to share their passion with one another. It connects students around the world who share the same interest.