Geneva hosts home playoff game for the first time in 6 years


Geneva’s Varsity Football Team has been working hard all season long, and their hard work, along with the guidance from their coaches, has finally been paying off. This Friday, November 5th, at Burgess field, the Varsity Football Team will be playing their first home playoff game in 6 years looking to win yet again.

Since 2015, the Geneva Vikings have made the second round of playoffs after defeating Collinsville High School 28 to 21, a number 7 seed that posed as a big threat to the team.

“Our game plan for this next week is to find things that we like to do and put our players in the best possible positions to succeed,” Head Coach Boone Thorgesen said.

With a positive attitude and a grip on success from last weekend’s playoff game, this team might just be able to slip past the next team they get to face.

“The best moment from our Collinsville game was the end of the first half where we scored two touchdowns in the span of 30 seconds and it’s always good to ride the momentum of something like that into our next game,” he said.

Ready to bring the heat this upcoming game, Geneva is well prepared and hungry for a victory over St. Rita using their best running backs.

“This might sound cliché but the best part of being a coach on this team is the kids,” Sean Grady, Running Back and Special Teams coach, said. “It’s just a fun group to be around and coach.”

Coach Thorgesen and Coach Grady do the best they can at preparing for this upcoming game against St. Rita and both believe that they can win this game.

“It’s a great accomplishment for the kids and the school,” Coach Grady said.  “The excitement around the football team is very fun to be around. We have a good routine going during our practice week where we try to home in on what we want to do on the offensive side of the ball and finalize it going into our Thursday walk through.”

Building a routine and working hard is what Geneva is hoping will prepare them for St. Rita. Senior and Defensive Varisty Captain Maclain Happold has been preparing for this game like any other.

“For St. Rita, I have been watching a lot of film on their offense,” Happold said. “Also focusing during practice when we walk through their formations and the plays, and mentally preparing myself for the game because that’s a big factor when playing a good team like St. Rita.”

Happold is determined and already preparing for Friday’s big game. He is thankful he and his teammates hard work has finally paid off.

“I feel proud of my team to be able to play in the playoffs this year,” Happold said. “Only 32 teams get to play an extra week and being able to play with my teammates, especially my senior year, is something I’m very thankful for. We have worked very hard over the summer during preseason and every week during the regular season.”

For many seniors, this game could be their last, and while they may not play in the future, the bonds they have created will last beyond high school.

“The team to me is like a big brotherhood,” Happold said. “We all are close. We go to breakfast together after film on Saturdays, we have team dinners together on Thursday after practice, and over the summer we would see each other every morning for liftings.”

Football isn’t always about just the game. Their season will eventually come to an end, but the brotherhood created will never come to an end.

“I will stay in touch with my teammates after the season not only during school but outside of school,” Happold said. “You build a lot of friendships when you see the same group of people every day after school for two hours for ten plus weeks. I’ve built a lot of strong friendships with people I wouldn’t have talked to if not for football.”

Combining hard work and talent with an everlasting bond and friendship, Geneva hopes that this is what it takes to advance further in the football season. As the Geneva Vikings put on their jerseys and get ready to play, everyone is hoping for triumphant victory Friday evening.

Geneva will take on St. Rita at 7:00 pm on Friday November 5th. Don’t forget to bring your Viking spirit and bundle up for a memorable game at Geneva’s Burgess field.