Graham’s 318 Reimagined


Geneva is a small town with a unique character, in no small part due to the unique shops and restaurants that line the streets of the downtown area.  One such place is Graham’s 318, a community staple for anything from catching up with friends to doing homework. Recently, however, it has undergone major renovations that have completely reimagined the coffeehouse into a place that will blow everyone away.

With an expanded kitchen, more seating, and even an elevator, the beloved Graham’s 318 has been completely redesigned to fit the community’s needs.  Graham’s 318 store manager Jennifer Farley explained that “the community told them what to do”, and they listened. A couple of years ago, the owners put out a suggestions box for improvements, and everyone said they would like more space, which became the main focus of the renovations on the building.  Throughout the renovation process, Graham’s 318 has operated a pop-up shop around the corner, where the loyal customers have continued to come and express their excitement over the changes to the building. Having loyal customers has been the best part of the process, says Farley, especially as they reach the end of this long journey.  She explains that they are “so excited to be open”, but “it’s just been little blips of stuff coming in damaged, having to reorder it, silly stuff like that” that have provided some frustration in the process and complicated the renovation process. Despite those last minute surprises and some changes of direction they have had to take regarding renovation plans, the outstanding finished result is on its way.  The brand-new Graham’s 318 will feature a large event space in the upstairs section of the addition, a space unlike anything else in any of the other shops along Third Street. Plus, the expanded space for seating both upstairs and downstairs will make it much easier for people to stay and do homework with their friends, for example. Along with all of the amazing new features Graham’s 318 has to offer, it still retains some of its old charm.  The doors, windows, and fireplace are all the same, and “we are hoping that people feel the same vibe” as that of the old Graham’s 318, Farley says.

Graham’s 318 has not only changed the building, but they have also changed their philosophy.  They are working to become a more eco-friendly business by switching to corn straws and selling fair-trade and organic coffee, for example.  Even the logo has changed, due to a surprising coincidence that occurred during the renovation process. As part of the expanded kitchen, a new counter for the espresso machine has been installed, and decorative tiles were placed on the side of the counter facing out.  They are blue with angled lines, and those working on the renovation realized after ordering and installing the tiles that they came in a pattern of three with a total of 18 of the shapes, quite fitting for Graham’s 318. The new logo is now featured on the sign outside of the shop as well.

Of course, everyone wants to know when Graham’s 318 will reopen, but complications amidst the finishing touches make it difficult to pin down a specific date just yet.  It could potentially reopen in the next three to four weeks, but it could also be less or more time than that. It is always a guessing game, and “it is out of our hands, and we are just hoping for the best,” Farley says.  However, one thing is for certain: everyone, both customer and employee alike, is excited for the day when Graham’s 318 reopens and the community gets to see the transformation that has revitalized this special business. For Graham’s 318, “through the trials and tribulations, the best is yet to come”.