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Senate Bill 179

Kaylee Jorgensen, Staff Writer

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The Governor of California Jerry Brown signed Senate Bill 179, as known as Gender Recognition Act, on October 15, 2017. California is the first to implement state wide recognition of a third gender outside the male and female gender roles. This third gender option is called non- binary which is neither male nor female. This act makes not only makes non-binary a legal option, but it makes it easier for people to legally not have a gender or to change their gender on state identification, birth certificates, and driver licenses. Other countries, like Canada and New Zealand, as well as much of South Asia, already allow for non-binary and gender-neutral markers on legal documents, but the United States has lagged behind on sexual equality. This is something that has long troubled non-binary and genderqueer Americans, many of whom feel overlooked and unacknowledged. This act hopefully is the first step and a harbinger of a brighter and more inclusive future to come for all non-binary and genderqueer people.

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Senate Bill 179