Generosity: this prom season’s biggest trend

Izzy Devlin, Staff Writer

Prom season always seems to be the highlight of every school year, but with such excitement comes even larger, and pricier setbacks. GHS junior Anna Murray noticed these disadvantages and decided to take action.

As we all know, prom dresses happen to be very expensive. Once you add up the total of a cute dress, hair, makeup, accessories, etc., the final price can reach well into the hundreds. All of this fuss may seem pointless to some, yet to others, it may be unattainable.

Anna posted an announcement on Facebook about giving away her old prom dress this year. However, in Anna’s post, she stated that she would be giving it away for free.

“I offered my prom dress for free because I wanted to help girls who couldn’t afford one”, Anna said.

Many girls have sold their dresses in the past in order to get some of their money back, and also because they don’t see a use for keeping it after only wearing it one night..

“The idea came to me when I was at church and I just thought it would be a nice gesture,” she said, “my pastor was talking about giving and being generous so I thought that would be a good way to help and give to the community.”

Anna first took to Facebook, ones of the world’s largest social media sites, in order to spread the word of giving away her prom dress.

While a post to Facebook may seem effortless, this small gesture has gone a long way.

“I am going to let a girl with special needs borrow it for a pageant,” Anna said.

Anna hasn’t seen any others follow her footsteps by giving away their prom dress for free, however prom season has yet to begin.

It’s never too late to perform even a small act of kindness, and to help those out who may need it the most. Anna has proved this with her selfless generosity.

As for the impact she is hoping to make, Anna said, “I also hoped that people would follow in my footsteps and donate or let someone borrow their prom dresses for free.”