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Mrs. G puts down the paint brush

Mackenzie Defoney, Staff Writer

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Mrs. G is putting down the brush

Students sit down at their designated table. Some may go to their art lockers and grab their work while others may chat before the final bell rings. They wait for the arrival of their teacher. She finally arrives in her usual attire of a smock streaked with the collateral damage of her creativity, her vibrant pink streaked hair bouncing with each stride, and her permanent smile painted across her face. Mrs. Grissinger is one of three art teachers at the high school, and this semester was her last.

She decided to retire at the end of first semester after teaching art at GHS for 17 years.

“I have decided to go visit my daughter in Thailand for an extended period of time and then travel around to countries like Cambodia and Laos and Vietnam,” said Mrs. Grissinger (Mrs. G to her students).

The feedback from students and faculty were overwhelmingly positive.

“I absolutely adore her. She’s like this mom figure for everybody,” said senior Savannah Volk

Other than being an art teacher she has also helped with an art and photography club, National Art Honors Society (NAHS), and been a coach for badminton.

“I enjoy art a lot more because of her” said senior Joe Bryza.

Her colleagues also responded to her retirement.

“She was my mentor when I started out and she helped me by sharing some of her crazy stories… She always had the best advice on how to tackle the different issues I faced because she had been through similar issues” said photography teacher Mrs. Fahmy.

Mr. Ochsner also shares his opinion about the early retiree

“She’s very popular, she really connects with her students. A lot of respect for her.” said Mr. O

Mrs.G has an unforgettable connection with every individual past and present. One particular student remains to come in a couple times a month to visit their favorite teacher.

“I graduated about five years ago… I really got to know her my junior year and she’s very much like a mom to me she’s very homey and whenever I was on break or at lunch I would just eat in the art room because it was the most at home place for me… She is very easy to talk to,” said former GHS student Sarah Parado.

Her badminton team also decidedto share some of their great memories of her.

“She was very fair and during badminton she would always have the kids best interests and helped us make the best of it. There was one time where we had to have a 5 am practice and she brought us breakfast” said senior Sarah Rowley.

Her AP art class explains that she always had a bubbly and enthusiastic attitude.

“She encouraged me to take this class and I honestly thought I couldn’t do it, but she helped me figure it out where I could and I am glad it worked out,” said senior Kelly Huber.

Although Mrs. Grissinger is leaving after 1st semester she is returning in order to prevail one of her many accomplishments here at Geneva which is called the Malvina Hoffman Exhibition which will be showcased January 13th of next year.

“The badminton team was like a family and we all wish her a lifetime of happiness” said senior Sarah Rowley, Savannah Volk, and Emily Franklin.

“I wish her a wonderful new journey in life,” said Mrs. Fahmy.

“ Thank you for everything… She’s life changing and it’s unfortunate that future students won’t have her” Mr. Ochsner

“She leaves her mark on people, and we will miss her” said senior Makayla Meister.

“Mrs. G?” “She’s a […] G,” said two of her AP art students.   

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Mrs. G puts down the paint brush