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Finals before holiday break; a healthier way to test

Izzy Devlin, Staff Writer

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Winter break is the two weeks students look forward to the most during the school year. It’s supposed to be two weeks off dedicated to the holidays, no school, and most importantly, no homework.

In previous years students have taken final exams two weeks after getting back from holiday break. Teachers would hand out final review packets and assignments over break, and when students returned they would have a full week to review for finals.

While it seemed nice in theory to have so long to study, if you’re like me you would most likely procrastinate all break and not study until the last few days before tests.

Even if I didn’t do anything to prepare for finals over break, the looming dread of the tests hung over my head every day. I would often feel guilty if I wasn’t studying for finals or working on a review assignment, thus making me more stressed.

The school board recognized this and pushed for finals before break instead. Tests after break were just unpractical to everyone.

Students would spend the two weeks of holiday break stressed out over whether or not they should study, and teachers would start second semester in the middle of January, just three days after finals. Overall, this system wasn’t beneficial to anyone.

While some stress can be good and cause more productivity, this kind of emotional stress has been proven to cause many other side effects other than just worrying.

According to an article by 15 Minutes 4 Me, bad stress can also lead to irritability, insomnia, headaches, and fatigue.

Students and teachers both agree that these earlier final exams should be an easier way to transition into second semester. It’s much easier to start second semester right away when we get back from holiday break, as opposed to starting second semester halfway through January just a few days after finals.

This new start date is a smoother transition into second semester, where students can begin with a fresh start, rather than still being exhausted after finals.

These few weeks leading up to final exams will be stressful, no doubt about that, however it’s better to deal with that stress and get those tests done as soon as possible, rather than drag it out over a break.

Overall, this has been a positive change in our school system. Taking final exams before break will bring students much more relief and make for a stress-free break.

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The student news site of Geneva Community High School in Geneva, Illinois
Finals before holiday break; a healthier way to test