Kicking Off Homecoming Weekend With Some Friday Night Lights


Mia Kane, Guest Contributor

One of the arguably most exciting weeks for high schoolers is homecoming week. It’s a way for the community to come together to celebrate and kick off to the rest of the school year. The week is filled with exciting events like the Pep Rally, Powderpuff game, Blue and White Night, and finally to end the week, the Homecoming football game.

With the football game being the last big event before the Homecoming dance, there can be a lot of pressure to end the week on a good note.

“To us, it’s a game that we feel is important during the season,” Varsity Head Football Coach Thorgesen said. “Homecoming week and all the activities are great for the school, and we want to cap off the week with a victory.”

This motivation from the coaches also translates onto the players.

“This is my last homecoming game, and I just look forward to winning,” senior football player Josh Lyles said. “The crowd, energy, and excitement will make it a memorable game.”

Although the Vikings were unable to secure the win against the St. Charles North Stars, the energy from the students and fans made for an exciting game. Helping bring up the energy are Senior Blue Crew Leaders Nora Novak and Ryan McDonald; they lead the student section in chants and cheers to support the various sports teams.

“My favorite part is being on the floor this year being a senior, so it is fun to jump and dance around there,” Nora Novak said. “And seeing people have fun makes me feel like I am doing a good job so that is pretty rewarding.”

Feeling the buzz and support from one of the largest crowds of the whole season is a thrilling feeling for the players.

Prior to the Homecoming game, the Vikings held a 4-game winning streak with help from several key players.

“Jackson Reyes and Charlie Morrison are two captains that really have been great leaders for us this season,” Thorgesen said. “That’s what you want to see out of your seniors. Most improved would-be Zack Greetis and Josh Lyles. Both are first year starters on the offensive line.”

Even with minor setbacks, the Vikings are optimistic on the outcome for the remainder of the season.

“I’m looking forward to finishing the season as strong as we started,” Thorgesen said. “We have all our goals in front of us.  To continue to get better every week and play our best football by the end of the season.”

Homecoming week was an exciting time that started the year off strong. Even with an undesirable outcome, the Homecoming football game allows for the community to come together to support the team and each other.