Color Guard: Behind the Eye-Catching Silks


The Geneva High School Color Guard Team adds a visual component to marching band performances with eye-catching silks and fun moves to go along with the music.

Head Band Director Pat Frederick is pleased with the team’s accomplishments.

“I am most proud of the self-sufficiency and self-motivation shown by the members of our color guard. The team does not currently have an adult coach, but nonetheless have maintained a diligent practice schedule and have set high expectations and goals for themselves,” Frederick said.

Captains Karoline Anthony and Sydney Schultz, alongside Lieutenants Julia Granquist, and Allie Soeder, take upon substantial leadership roles.

Senior Co-Captain Karoline Anthony is loving her second year on the team.

“[Color guard] has helped me to become a better leader. I get an opportunity to practice my communication and teamwork skills in a leadership capacity. I learned to listen more and be more receptive of others,” Anthony said.

Alongside exercising leadership skills, color guard gives people a chance to step outside their comfort zone. The team has helped Sophomore Lizzie Shackleford, a new member, become more outgoing. The team’s energy and constant support make this experience worthwhile for her.

“Looking back, it’s hard to believe there was a time when I was scared I would never become friends with these amazing people, because now I can’t imagine life without them,” she said.

Senior Bella Black is also a new member this year and likes collaborating with the team members to create a supportive community.

“I enjoy working directly with the other members. I think it makes it easier to communicate,” Black said.

The GHS Color Guard Team is entirely student-led and self-taught. However, the team was informed on September 27th that Elizabeth Peacock from Fabyan Elementary School accepted the coach position for the 2023-2024 season. This is a pivotal moment for this year’s team, as they have not yet had a coach with color guard experience.

The lack of a coach is one of the challenges the team faces. Nonetheless, members still take upon the heavy responsibility to keep the team running.

“It is a fun mental and physical challenge. I love the team, and they are my second family. Do not be intimidated by the time commitment because we have fun, and once you’re in it, it’s worth it,” Anthony said.

This school year, the GHS Color Guard Team hopes to recruit new members and promote the guard more effectively. Some ideas the team has for recruitment include, “Bring A Friend to Flag Day”, GTV, and visiting the middle schools.

“Sydney [Schultz] brought me to Bring a Friend [to Flag] Day at the end of Sophomore year, and I have never looked back. It is one of my best decisions because I love it, and it has supported me,” Anthony said.

Anyone interested in joining should contact color guard leaders or either of the band directors.

“I love seeing how the members of the 2022-2023 Color Guard work together, support one another, and have fun!”, Frederick said, “Their organization, creativity, and professionalism have taken the group far this year.”

Members work hard to perform well together. To many members, color guard is challenging. Memorizing routines quickly and long practice days can be difficult at times, but Shackleford expresses the satisfaction that performing brings to her.

“Guard takes a lot of grit. You have to learn the moves, memorize the routines, spend hours and hours perfecting it, all for a 15-minute show,” she said, “There’s a feeling of happiness and almost a glow after you finish a performance that just can’t be shaken, and it’s in that moment that you realize that all the blood, sweat, and tears were totally worth it.”