“Inferno:” A Must Watch Movie Starring Tom Hanks, With New Plot Twists Every Scene


“Inferno,” made in 2016, directed by Ron Howard, is a complex movie with twists and turns every second. “Inferno” stars well-known actors such as, Tom Hanks [Robert Langdon], Felicity Jones [Sienna Brooks], and Irrfan Khan [Harry Sims]. With credible, impressive actors, “Inferno” is an intense movie that always has your full attention while watching.

“Inferno” tells the story of Professor Robert Langdon, and the stressful events he endures after waking up in an Italian hospital with amnesia. He teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks to escape whoever is after him, while Langdon attempts to figure out what is going on. After uncovering secrets and mysteries, Langdon and Sienna must race across Europe and against the clock to halt a deadly virus from spreading… or so Langdon thinks.

We see vivid memories and disturbing visions pass through Langdon’s head as he is challenged with the loss of his memory. Throughout the movie it is a struggle, but Langdon reveals clue after clue to help him with his memory and find out what is going on, and who is truly on his side.

The movie begins with a bit of a narration asking us, as the audience a question, “What will you do? Do you love humanity enough to save it?” after discussing overpopulation and the issues it brings. This gives the movie a personal touch that makes you feel involved and grabs your attention. The writer, Dan Brown, did a nice job of starting the movie off on the right foot to entice viewers even more.

As your attentions is grabbed by “Inferno,” so are your emotions. Throughout every scene I felt sympathetic towards the characters and felt myself swarmed in their own stress. Being able to feel sympathy towards characters is something I really enjoy in movies because it adds a different level of emotions to the movie that you may not always receive.

The produce did a great job of keeping me engaged throughout the entirety of the movie. As the viewer, you are tangled up in Langdon’s emotions and story line, you want to figure out the mystery just as much as he does. As Langdon has lost his memory, he is picking up the pieces and as the plot goes on and you feel as if you are finding clues right along with him.

“Inferno” is part of a trilogy centered around the “Davinci’s Code.”  While you do not have to watch all three movies for the others to make sense, I have watched “Davinci’s Code” and “Inferno” does a much better job of keeping the plot moving and adding suspense to this action filled movie.

Throughout the movie there are countless intense or suspenseful scenes and each time one of these events takes place, they add intensified music behind it. This is able to add to the effect of the scene and keep the audience engaged. This creates more stress that you feel for the characters which then intensifies the plot of the movie.

Besides music choice, the movie team does a wonderful job with their graphics. As Langdon uncovers clues and solves the mystery of his mind, he encounters many visions. Whether his late friend Ignazio [Gábor Urmai] has a snake slithering up him or he envisions part of Dante’s map of hell, the graphics created are phenomenal and these well-done graphics are able to create a flow to the movie and truly encapsulate the plot and events Langdon endures.

“Inferno” is a 3-genre movie, that vividly displays every one of them: Action, Crime, and Mystery. Between the action Langdon and Sienna are involved with, the crimes committed by those around him, and the mystery’s they unveil, “Inferno” satisfies your genre needs.

If you have the time for a complex plot, you must sit down, grab some popcorn, and turn on “Inferno.” With 3 genres, complex plot, credible actors, and impressive graphics, “Inferno” is a marvelous movie that definitely earns 5/5-stars. “Inferno” is a well done, impressive piece that always leaves you asking, what’s next?