Return of Field Trips


Ben Kunkel, Guest Contributor

COVID restrictions made big school gatherings and events a thing of the past; however, now that the pandemic is nearing its end, events can start to be planned again. And so, after over a year long hiatus, field trips make a triumphant return to Geneva Community High School.

One of the first field trips to happen was the Physical Education Leaders trip to Go Ape in Western Springs Illinois. At Go Ape the leaders participated in activities like ziplining and walking on ropes above the ground while wearing a harness.

Due to the pandemic, the leaders old spot, Lincoln Marsh, was closed and so the leaders had to change their location to Go Ape. Despite the move to a new location the field trip seemed to be a success.

“I think it went well,” Mr. McPeak said. “I didn’t hear any bad things so that’s usually a good sign.”

“Yes, I basically got to climb on ropes and zipline for a day, it was really nice,” Tyler Costello, a senior at Geneva High School, said.

A big field trip that hopes to make a return this year is the semi-annual band trip. The band takes a big trip to either Disney or New York every two years. The pandemic saw an end to this tradition with the trip having to be cancelled.

“It’s a fun trip but they also have workshops built in so it’s a learning experience for those kids so that would be one big one that I’m kind of excited to have happen,” Mr. McPeak said.

With the continued loosening of restrictions, plans are still underway for the over the summer trip to Europe. The planned trip to Spain had to be cancelled last year, but many at the high school are hopeful that this summer will be different.

“We are planning right now to go on the Spain 2022 trip,” Mr. McPeak said. “We’re planning on doing it if we can again, we are subject to any restrictions outside of our school so right now were planning on it.”

Even though field trips have returned they don’t look the same as in past years. Those on the field trip are required to comply with all covid regulations and guidelines. With seating charts being made for those on the buses and masks to be worn at all times while inside an indoor facility.

Field trips seem to be here to stay but if they must be discontinued the decision is out of the school’s hands.

“It really comes down to the Illinois department of health and the mandates that come through the governor’s office so really were operating off of what they tell us,” Mr. McPeak said.

Although Geneva can’t decide what the state does, Geneva’s administrators have maintained their stance that field trips, and other aspects of normalcy, are important for students to excel.

“They can be drawn in and learn during a field trip and take that excitement back to the classroom” said Costello regarding the impact of field trips on the broader student body.

Regardless of what happens with field trips in the future it seems apparent that they have already improved the days of numerous students across the school.