Introducing Disney+


Kayla Mason, Staff Writer

In the realm of television, the age of streaming has reigned for the past several years. Between Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, TV addicts have been left scrambling to keep up with the latest hit shows sprawled across the various streaming services. For many, Netflix is the default option for streaming needs; however, the introduction of Disney + has thrown a curve ball into the television world. Disney decided to open the coveted “Disney Vault,” and unleash hundreds of shows and movies from decades past. From the very first animated short, Steamboat Willie, to Disney’s latest acquisitions of Star Wars and Marvel, Disney + blends nostalgic favorites with new and engaging material. The service is like opening a treasure trove of childhood favorites, and putting on a rose-tinted pair of glasses is welcomed when exploring the fields of films within the site. 

In its early stages, Disney + is primarily a compilation of all of Disney’s works over the past century. However, it sports multiple “Disney + Originals” unique to the streaming site. The immediate favorite of the bunch is The Mandalorian, the first Star Wars live action television show. Garnering favorable reviews with critics and the public alike, The Mandalorian has already become a strong incentive for people+, especially for Star Wars fans, to buy into Disney +. Alongside the galactic hit is a more down-to-earth show, High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. The show is a mockumentary style continuation of the beloved High School Musical trilogy that has become endlessly popular with younger generations. Disney + also appeals to those who seek nonfiction, as much of their original content is documentaries, such as the already popular, “Imagineering Story”.  

While many of the original shows have been positively received, the real appeal of the current Disney + lies in the release of the content sheltered in the Disney Vault for years. Barring Song of the South, a universally panned movie for its racist undertones, every classic Disney film or television show one can imagine lies somewhere on the site. Furthermore, the streaming service includes every Star Wars and Marvel movie, a major benefit as the two franchises have garnered massive popularity. A user can listen to Snow White sing innocently to her songbirds one minute and watch Captain America battle Thanos the next. Disney + certainly appeals to children, or children at heart, but the acquisitions of Marvel and Star Wars, make a compelling argument for adults to consider Disney +.   

Despite the multitudes of shows and films at the disposal of Disney + users, they can look forward to an increase in material. Disney + is still in its first month, and there are plans for various new materials. For many, the extension of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a selling point for the streaming site, as beloved characters of wildly popular movies like Avengers: Endgame will star in their own TV shows on Disney +. Similarly, Star Wars fans have a lot to look forward to, as Ewan Macgregor will reprise his role as Obi-Wan Kenobi in an upcoming series. These developments only scratch the surface of plans Disney has on the horizon, and users can be sure that the mouse will keep their interest and subscription with the new content they have conceptualized.  

Disney + is the latest addition to the complicated web of streaming services, and it is off to a hot start with well over 10 million subscribers. As their content increases and their original shows become the talk of schools and workplaces, those numbers are sure to go up. While no significant changes have been found in Netflix and other streaming services’, Disney + is a formidable threat on nostalgia factor alone. Though, in its current state, it primarily serves as a portal to whimsical childhood, Disney + has an exciting future sure to attract people of all ages. The world of streaming television just got more complex, and Disney + shows no signs of slowing down.