The Beach: “so, please, take care of me…”

I am a sustainer of life. I will wrap you up in the warm sunlight rays, and I will provide you with
a home at no charge whenever you feel misplaced. Every morning as the hopeful sun peaks
above the scattered clouds, my waves will gently crash against the shore and bring you peace. I
share with you my sanguine sunrises and serene sunsets. I offer you my light refreshing breeze
and soft rolling waves. I can help heal your deep wounds over time. My rejuvenating water will
repair your split ends and drained mind. You can come view the crabs that parade along my
shore during the nighttime, and my delicate hands that nurture the turtle eggs nestled close to my
heart. With each step you take I will perfectly outline the soles of your cracked feet, and give you
an unexplainable peace. I promise with all of my heart, my intention is to bring you comfort, and
never harm. But, just like everything else in this world, I am imperfect and the affects of my
unpredictable rage can be felt around the world. I have my times of roaring anger and uncertainty
along with crashing waves and flooding shores. It is never my intention to hurt anyone, it is just
who I am.

While it may appear that I have remained unchanged since I was first created, I have endured
many abuses along the way. Too often I have been taken advantage of and with each day, it
seems less effort is put into protecting me. Trash is thrown deep into my oceans and I am unable
to protect my precious inhabitants. I am trampled on during summer parties, and broken glass
seems to run through my grains. Too often I am blamed for things out of my control. Little do
you know I am all around you. I have been here since the beginning of time. God used his hands
to delicately sculpt where my waters meet the never ending horizon and where my waves collide
with the echoing shore. Parts of me are violently dug up and stolen from my home, yet I always
remain constant. More than a quadrillion grains make up my mass, yet the exact number will
remain unknown. My texture is sometimes as soft as powder. At other times its grit will soften
the soles of your feet.

Do you not see my value? My mind holds memories far more than you can imagine.
Remember the first time you went to the beach? You were so afraid of the uncertainty of my
waters, but remember how I allowed you to sculpt me into giant sandcastles and flying sand
angels? You danced your way to my shore and right before my waves hit, you sprinted away
giggling. Before we knew it you were floating in my waters, and I protected you. You skipped
along my shore with your parents, collecting sea shells, and watching your footprints slowly sink
in the sparkling sand. Never forget how much you and those memories still mean to me. So,
please, take care of me.