Senior’s Final Lacrosse Season


Evan Shockey, Guest Contributor

Last season, the boy’s lacrosse team at Geneva High School had an impressive 18-2 winning season. Going 10-0 in conference isn’t easy but outscoring teams 286 to 117 is something that doesn’t seem real. The team, led by Seniors Tyler Costello and Alex Porter, made it to the sectional finals, where they fell short to Wheaton Academy.

“I am most excited to play Wheaton Academy this year,” senior defenseman Alex Porter said. “I don’t think they are ready for us, and revenge is sweet. WA will be the big game for us. Beat them and the road ahead looks good.”

Becoming a better athlete and overall team is something that takes time and hard work. Having team chemistry ultimately leads to success. Communication, relationships, and experience are some characteristics that the GHS lacrosse team that makes them the successful program it has.

“All our attackmen and almost our entire defense is returning varsity players,” senior attackman Tyler Costello said. “This team is so special because of our maturity. We will have nine senior starters out of ten possible.”

This season is the final season for the class of 2022. Stepping away from a sport doesn’t come easy, but playing the last season together calls for memories that won’t be forgotten. The excitement built around this year’s team could lead to a successful year for the seniors for their final goodbye.

“I’m excited to have one more opportunity to play with some of my best friends,” Porter said. “It is rare to play for a team like this with people you like.”

Considering the team’s success last season, the bar is set high for the team. Coming off an undefeated conference record, the boys look to do just as good or exceed that title in state playoffs. But losing key players on offense is a road bump that could be hard to come over so soon in the season.

“We need to run a more organized offense and consistently win against tough opponents,” Costello said. “Overcoming the loss of our midfield line is something we need to adapt to and figure out early in the season.”

As the boys strive to improve, they are working hard in the off season to be the best team possible. Going to the weight room two times week and playing together on the weekends, is only a few ways the team is getting ready for the upcoming season. Building team relationships and improving skills is something the team is serious about.

“We can improve from last year by not getting complacent. We must keep working and not be happy with the easy games,” Porter said. “If we continue to work hard and not take teams lightly, we will have an easy path to another conference championship.”

With balancing the success of this year’s team, both athletes have set goals out for their selves to meet. Playing in your final season means going out with an impact and both players have expressed the impact lacrosse has had on their high school years both on and off the field.

“This year I want to personally achieve all-conference honors again, and even go for all state honors,” Porter said. “Winning comes before all that though.”

The season for the boys starts next month and the team is looking to reach the top. Seniors wish to say goodbye to the team they loved for four years by winning a state title. The lacrosse team has various gifts that makes them different some teams of previous years.

“This year’s team will be one of the best to ever play for Geneva high school,” Porter said. “The group of players we have, especially for a public school, is almost unheard of.”