Winter Formal 2018


Sarah Carter, Staff Writer

Every year Geneva High School hosts two dances – Homecoming and Prom. But this year, GHS is adding one more dance: the Winter Formal. The Winter Formal dance will take place on Saturday, February 10th, from 7-10 PM in the commons. It will cost a mere 5 to 10 dollars and have a student DJ, Kyle Mickelsen. However, the dance is not the only fun part of the winter formal; there is also an exciting week planned to lead up to the dance.

During the week before the dance, there will be a spirit week. Mrs. Cole, the advisor of student council, states that “we’re going to have different spirit days and dress up days, and there’s going to be some events that week as well. [For example,] we’re going to have an in-school pep rally that first day to sort of get things kicked off.” There will also be a volleyball game and an ice cream social. Throughout the week, there will be numerous opportunities for donation to Saint Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, a non-profit organization that provides hospital care to sick children. It is a very admirable cause, so the students of GHS should be sure to participate as much as possible during this week. As for fashion, this dance is similar to Homecoming. Short dresses are more suitable since there will be a lot of upbeat dancing, and it would be best not to trip over your dress. As Mrs. Cole put it, try to dress “formal but not super formal.”

The winter formal will be a fun way to connect with friends and simply have a good time. Don’t forget to buy your tickets because from dress-up days to in-school pep rallies, the week of this dance is sure to be a memorable experience for all students at GHS.